Main Modules

MBS is a comprehensive broadcast channel management system that provides an end-to-end solution with no need to have additional management systems. The system has built-in capabilities of connection to broadcast infrastructure and other components that exist in broadcast channels.

Each channel has its own content world. The broadcast channel's private content world comprises unique data associated with the various items (for example, the dialect of the language used in a program), unique placement rules, categorization of airtime etc. The system is designed to be highly flexible without the need for code changes, allowing adaptation of the specific content world of the broadcast channel.


Contracts - Purchasing and rights management

The system provides a complete and comprehensive solution for managing all work processes relating to the acquisition contracts of various contents. It includes the accompanying materials, costs, depreciation management and complete management of the broadcasting rights, such as separation of rights into channels, platforms, territories and broadcast counting in different ways.


Items including metadata

  • Complete Management of the item repository present at the workstation including all their metadata

  • Possibility of hierarchic establishment of items that allows simpler organization and management of contents

  • Configuration of dynamic connections between different contents

  • Configuration of different versions for items, including versions not to be broadcasted 


Long-term planning and short-term playlists

  • Establishment of broadcasting schedules for long and short terms manually or using automatic tools for cross placement of the broadcasting schedule template.
  • Configuration of various types of containers within the broadcasting schedule, such as commercial container, promo container etc.
  • Complete configuration of Secondary Event, including events not to be broadcasted - Que Tone, etc.
  • Establishment of a number of versions of broadcasting schedule, as required - Plan, Actual, Alternate, etc. as well as comparison between the versions.
  • Intuitive and easy-to-build user interface .
  • Option to configure various types of airtime, including monitoring free airtime balance.
  • Definition of both flexible and stringent placement laws for the purpose of the enforcement of regulation laws along side with the station's business laws.
  • Graphic presentation of the broadcasting scheduling analysis (free time, genre-based categorization, etc. (Dash Board(


Linear and nonlinear scheduling

The system enables the establishment of a linear broadcasting schedule that is standard to most broadcasting channels. MBS also enables the establishment of a nonlinear broadcasting schedule typical of VOD and new media broadcasting. This nonlinear broadcasting schedule includes configuration of dynamic interstitials that are separate & independent from the content where they are to be broadcasted (for example, configuration of an Interstitial that will be identical in all thrillers that will be downloaded in VOD in a specific period). During the actual broadcast the chosen content and appropriate interstitial will be broadcasted together.


Airtime sales module

With a definition of agreements for airtime selling, including all kinds of pricing methods per spots, per GRP or per audience, MBS system can also handle all kinds of spots, such as Primary spots, Secondary spot in, linear and nonlinear broadcasting.


Integration with associated systems:

The system enables connectivity to broadcasting machines, such as- Pebble Beach, Harris, Sonny and others; to websites and MAM. The integration includes Playlist, Ingest list, AsMade and ASRUN.


Promo management

Management of the promo repository including: definition of associated programs, channel placement criteria, various versions (coming up, tomorrow, next week, soon, etc), automatic placement of the appropriate version, definition and checking of rating targets.


BI (Business intelligent)

BI is a module that enables the company management to maximize the channel resources to hit targets cost-effectively. The system provides real-time business information about the channel performance, such as workflow status. The system enables comparison of costs versus income for a specific period analyzed by different criteria, and Rights utilization at any given moment, etc.


Workflow management

  • A unique module, which enables the definition and follow up of the operation's process for each item type (movies, series, promos, self productions, current affairs, etc.).
  • Automatic time-date definition based on a planned schedule. Monitoring the process. Identifying delayed steps, successful steps and failed steps.
  • An operational interface, which enables viewing the awaiting tasks, and a total view of the entire tasks in the processes.

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