Product Overview

MBS system is a comprehensive system for managing broadcast channels, based on 15 years of accumulated experience and knowledge in the area of TV broadcast management.

This system is designed and built to enable users to benefit from a simplified or easy-to-use operation. The system can be quickly and easily implemented in the channel and also customized to the channel's specific needs.

MBS enables new channels to be up and running and on air in a very short time. This can also be achieved without the need of making a large capital investment in IT infrastructure or in a long-term implementation project.

MBS offers two different deployment methods:

  • Cloud-based on-demand service - in this model, no installation in the broadcast channel site is required, hence the channel does not need computing infrastructure (hardware & software & computing-specialized human resources) to operate the system.
  • On premise - this is the classic model where the system is installed in the local computing infrastructure of the broadcast channel.

Target Audiences

  • Broadcasting stations
  • New media and nonlinear broadcasters

Main System Advantages

  • Great flexibility to accommodate unique customer needs
  • New media support
  • Multilingual 
  • Time-to-market 
  • Low customization costs
  • BI capabilities
  • Smartphone connectivity


Business Values

  • Saving money - MBS enables cost saving by working in the cloud and removing the need foran internal infrastructure
  • Rapid time to market - MBS enables rapid deployment with a short time to air for the broadcast channel
  • Product flexibility enables - MBS enables quick changes in the system according to the customers' unique needs.
  • Low customization costs - MBS enables the customization at a low cost compared with competitive products. 
  • Low risk - In the MBS cloud model, the organization is not required to make a large capital investment in an expensive IT infrastructure, leaving the station free and without obligation to move to an alternative solution.
  • Low threshold - Small broadcast channels that cannot afford to build an expensive IT infrastructure and embark on long-term projects, can start broadcasting and running their station within a short time without high investments in infrastructure.

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